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Since the late 1990s the region has been transitioning into a third phase of development, characterised by rapid diversification that builds on the existing strengths of the tourism industry. The Sunshine Coast is moving toward an era of broader economic potential, greater employment opportunities and an enhanced 21st century lifestyle.

The Sunshine Coast’s food and agribusiness industry is characterised by a diverse range of sectors including horticulture, dairy and specialty dairy production, premium quality seafood, nurseries and value-add producers.

The clean technologies industry on the Sunshine Coast includes renewable energy, water, waste and recycling, construction materials, energy efficiency, carbon trading and environmental services.

Tourism is a significant feature of the regional economy and authentic characteristic of the region, underpinned by a strong regional reputation for staging international and home- grown events and supported by significant investment in key regional infrastructure.

The Sunshine Coast is well positioned to deliver world-class innovation and research outcomes. The region has a unique entrepreneurial ecosystem network of education programs, business incubators, coworking spaces, advocacy events and meetups, which actively support and encourage innovation, new ideas, entrepreneurs and startups.

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Silicon Coast

Sunshine Coast, Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Coast

07 5479 6554

Innovation Centre Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Coast, Sunshine Coast

07 5450 2600

Noosa Shire Council

Sunshine Coast, Sunshine Coast

07 5329 6500

Sunshine Coast Makerspace

Sunshine Coast, Sunshine Coast

0427 835 261

Junction2 Coworking

Sunshine Coast, Sunshine Coast

1300 524 567

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