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Mid North Coast NSW Mid North Coast NSW

The Region is a highly valued place to live, a significant domestic tourism destination, as well as a place for lifestyle change or retirement. The combination of its environmental values and mix of recreational experiences provides the opportunity for the Region to further develop as a widely recognised tourism destination.

The Region is rich in natural resources such as fisheries, timber, groundwater, extractive resources and productive soils. These resources are an important part of the regional economy that requires careful management. Protection of important farmland from development pressures is one such natural resource imperative. It is critical to keep the best farmland areas intact to maintain economic opportunity for primary production for future generations.

The Region’s economy is now largely based on service, manufacturing, construction and primary industries.

Many of the industries depend on environmental and natural resources such as extractive materials, forests, soils and water, which must be protected in the face of the growing population.

A regional forest agreement is in place to conserve and sustainably manage the Region’s native forests.

Agricultural production also remains a key industry of the Region. Sustaining and growing existing industries such as dairying, oyster farming and horticulture, while encouraging diversification into other agricultural products, will be critical to the future of primary production in the Region.

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Bellingen Shire Council

Bellingen, Mid North Coast

02 6655 7300

Coffs Harbour City Council

Coffs Harbour, Mid North Coast

02 6648 4000

Port Macquarie-Hastings Council

Port Macquarie, Mid North Coast

02 6581 8111

Kempsey Shire Council

West Kempsey, Mid North Coast

02 6566 3200

Mid North Coast NSW

Port Macquarie, Mid North Coast

0404 887 473

Coffs Harbour Innovation Hub

Coffs Harbour, Mid North Coast

02 6658 8199

Nambucca Shire Council

Nambucca Heads, Mid North Coast

02 6568 2555

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Long Point Vineyard

Mid North Coast

02 6585 4598

Bale Defence

Mid North Coast

02 6581 4337

Raleigh Vineyards

Mid North Coast

02 6655 4388

Hokubee Australia

Mid North Coast

02 6586 1788

East 33

Mid North Coast

02 8920 0700

Orara Valley Beef Jerky

Mid North Coast

02 6653 8458