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About RED Toolbox

The RED Toolbox allows organisations to showcase products and services to domestic and export markets, to join and create Groups, and view videos and projects.


  1. Users can sign up for Free and use the RED Toolbox.
  2. Organisations can sign up for Free and manage a basic listing in the platform.
  3. Organisations can sign up for $330 to manage a custom listing, and also create a group and invite others to join.
  4. Industry association, councils and hubs can sign up for $550 as a broker and create 5 Groups – each with a different focus and membership.
  5. Corporates and Government can partner with or sponsor the platform - $8250 with whatever degree of involvement suits best.

The RED Toolbox provides the tools to manage a network, a sector or a region and its organisations (businesses, NFPs, high schools, universities, TAFEs and others).

RED Toolbox

The platform is configured to the 52 regions and major industry sectors in Australia. It provides a domestic showcase, groups, a video library and export showcases.

Each region has a listing page with contact details, economic focus, brokers, key businesses and capability building tools – events, groups, training, innovation, export, sustainability, investment, future of work and jobs, and a full list of regional brokers and businesses.

Groups are divided into Strategy groups and Action groups.

STRATEGY groups – sectors, regions, innovation, climate action, energy, resources, export, projects, housing & investment, universities and future of work and jobs.

ACTION groups – present groups related to the 52 regions across Australia. This varies from region to region based on economic focus.

What makes the RED Toolbox different?


RED Toolbox


Other platforms & websites


The RED Toolbox is a CMS “platform” featuring directories and showcases, media and social media (Groups) and incorporates the industry leading Moodle Learning Management System built in. It is not just a simple website.


Most websites have limited functionality


RED Toolbox is the ONLY Australian national collaboration platform focused on Australian economic development interests


Overseas major platforms are US or Chinese owned and managed. Focused on advertising or employment interests


RED Toolbox is the ONLY platform mapped to Australian states & territories, 50+ regions and major industry sectors


Other platforms are “free form” or commercially structured and not customised or related to Australia’s economy, regions or industries


The RED Toolbox EXTENDS the use of existing websites, email, and social media supporting wider engagement and connection


Other platforms and websites constrain and limit engagement and connection


The RED Toolbox supports connection between ALL organisations related to economic development in Australia – government, academia, businesses and not-for-profits


Other platforms and websites are silos, local, or single sector focused – not true national collaboration platforms


The RED Toolbox is free for users. But commercial users and Government pay




The RED Toolbox supports “Push” (relevant messaging sent to users) and “Pull” (users visit the platform)


Most websites and platforms only “Pull” -want people to visit, or “push” non relevant advertising messages


The RED Toolbox supports “talk” and “action”


Most websites and platforms are all talk and no action


The RED Toolbox is customisable based on feedback and interests raised by users


Most websites and platforms are single focused and evolve slowly of at all





National Interest
It is in the national interest to have a holistic framework to manage innovation, showcase products overseas – diversify our productive industry sectors, develop new 21st industries, and encourage the sharing of ideas and projects more widely.

Business interest
Businesses want customers and sales – 100%. Businesses want information on their industry – 68%, innovation – 67%, management skills – 62%, benchmarking – 59%, finance, wages and salaries – 52%, government services – 33%, international markets – 30%

Expand Export Markets
Australia needs to showcase exporters to more markets than just China. And showcase more than minerals, food, education and tourism. To sell more products and services, earn more export dollars, generate jobs and employ more people.

Cross-pollinate and share
Australia is a big country divided. So regions continually “reinvent the wheel” when regions should be learning from other regions and cities. Ideas and successful projects should be shared

Support new industries
Australia’s 52 regions can be managed individually and collectively. Our innovation ecosystem needs connecting, sharing proven innovation, new opportunity, export and collaboration - a national “business intelligence” platform. Focus locally, but share and collaborate nationally.

Regional Economic Development – the RED Toolbox 4.0.