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This month: Automation & Robotics

The Magnapod is the result of work done at CSIRO in Australia to explore autonomous robotic applications for inspecting hazardous confined...
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In this video, we explain how Dexter's optical encoders work and the function of the code disks.
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A team of roboticists at CSIRO are partaking in the DARPA subterrain challenge - sending robots underground to explore the environments that lay...
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Evolution is a big part of the natural world...but can robots evolve too? ...
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Vision sensing systems make robots more adaptable to different environments and manufacturing tasks.
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Additive Manufacturing (AM, or “3D-printing”) is a technology that promises to reduce part cost by reducing material wastage and time to market.
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OI approaches bring together diverse partners such as research institutes, industry and government to increase the speed and reduce the risks...
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Robots played soccer at the RoboCup 2019 event, an international competition showcasing robotics technology, in Sydney, Australia.
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Watch robots serve the most delicious ice-cream.
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The new ADR Explorer ST. An ultramobile underground inspection robot.
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