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South Australia   -- Export & Trade

South Australia

South Australia is a place where brilliant minds develop business ideas, test and sell them to the world.

Dedicated, collaborative state-of-the-art innovation precincts, including Lot Fourteen and Tonsley, attract some of the world’s best talent. We’re home to pioneering enterprise, exciting new industries and a progressive, prosperous society.

Our state is world-renowned for its collaborative ecosystem that provides industry with access to the best minds in business, academia, research and government. We are globally recognised for our premium food and wine, abundant natural and renewable energy resources, our leadership in defence, space, health and medical industries, our capabilities in the hi-tech and creative industries sectors and our world-class higher education institutes.

South Australia is internationally recognised as a reliable, safe and sustainable producer and exporter of premium fresh and value-added food and beverages, grown in a clean environment, using world-leading technology and practices.