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Tasmania   -- Export & Trade


Tasmania excels across a range of sectors including advanced manufacturing, food and agribusiness, international education, resources and energy, science and technology, as well as tourism. About half of the state’s products are sold either interstate or overseas and many of our service industries also rely on trade.

Tasmania is renowned for products such as dairy, red meat, aquaculture and wild fisheries, fruit and vegetables, biopharmaceuticals, wine, spirits, beer and honey. The successes of the agrifood sector are driven by business capability and natural endowments. Tasmania’s temperate maritime climate provides a comparative advantage in a changing climate, particularly in industries such as viticulture, aquaculture and dairy farming.

The global demand for raw materials for use in the electronics and renewable energy industries will also provide further opportunity for Tasmania. Similarly, other in-demand commodities such as zinc, iron ore (magnetite), tin, and copper are mined in Tasmania from the mineral rich terrain.

The global demand for wood products has rallied in recent years, with demand for building timbers and pulpwood rising internationally. New markets are also emerging in the biomass energy generation market, further increasing the overall global demand for timber products and increasing forest values.

Tasmania is uniquely positioned to help lead Australia towards cleaner sources of energy. Tasmania has a natural competitive advantage in renewable energy, with its proven hydro and wind resources and emerging ocean, geothermal and biomass resources. Tasmania also has significant existing renewable energy research, industry and government knowledge and capabilities.

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